What You Should Have Learned From The Election For Your Home Business

I’m going to assume that if you’re reading this article that you run your own home business. If so, you probably don’t think there was much to learn from the last Presidential election other than we’re in for four more years of the same old, same old. But you’d be wrong. There’s actually quite a lot to learn. Keep reading and you’ll find out what it is.
For starters, money can’t buy you success. Mitt Romney spent millions of dollars on his campaign and he still lost. I’m not saying the money wasn’t spent wisely. I’m sure his advisors spent that money just where it needed to be spent. It still didn’t bring him a victory.
A home business is kind of like that. You can spend money on a lot of things such as web hosting, advertising, graphics, sales copy and “how to” products and a host of other things and all that spending still won’t guarantee you success. Again, look at Mitt Romney. And we don’t spend anywhere near what he did on our home business.
Point is, money isn’t always the answer to our problems. In fact, I built my home business on a shoestring budget. I spent less than $200 a month on my home business back in 2003 and still built it to quite a powerhouse. Yes, as I went along, I started to spend more. But I started with relatively very little. And not all my spending turned into profits. Sometimes you spend money on stuff and it just bombs out. Again, look at Mitt Romney.
Let’s move on.
Mitt Romney, aside from spending a lot of money, also worked very hard. He was on the campaign trail almost constantly. He appeared in debates against the President and was very well prepared. Nobody could accuse him of slacking off on the campaign trail. He still lost.
Point is, hard work alone doesn’t guarantee success. You can work hard and still not work smart. Or, you can work hard and the market just isn’t there for you. I worked very hard on a project a few years back outside of the “make money online” niche. In fact, I worked harder on this project than I had ever worked on anything else in my life. The project was a total failure. Why? Because I overestimated the potential market for the product.
In short, if nobody wants what you’re selling, it doesn’t matter how much money you spend or how hard you work. You’re not going to make any real money. There MUST be a demand for what you’re selling. Now, Mitt Romney didn’t totally bomb out. He got over 45 million votes. So the demand for what he was “selling” was there. It just wasn’t enough to make him a winner. The good news is, we can still win even if we don’t get the top prize.
Moving on.
Mitt Romney put out a lot of ads. In fact, you couldn’t turn on the TV or radio without hearing one of them. In spite of all his advertising, he still didn’t win. Did Obama out-advertise him? Maybe. That’s hard to quantify or qualify. But regardless, Romney’s ads didn’t put him in the White House.
Just because you advertise, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful. Maybe your ads aren’t worded properly. Maybe they’re not reaching the right people. Maybe you’re using the wrong kind of ads. A lot of home business owners think that they can just put up a link and a few catchy words and make tons of sales without doing any market research or preselling beforehand.
I wish it was that simple.
Point is, advertising is one of the trickiest parts of running a home business. Sometimes just one word out of place can kill a whole ad. Sometimes, deciding to go with something like a banner ad in a niche where people don’t normally respond to banner ads, is a big mistake even if your “gut” told you otherwise. Sure, it’s okay to take chances. Just don’t expect all your gambles to pay off big time.
Finally, Mitt Romney was general well liked. He did all the right things in his life including taking no salary as Governor. He made millions of dollars in donations to charity. There wasn’t a skeleton in his closet that anybody could find. You couldn’t ask for a better human being to be President of the United States.
He still lost.
This is where so many home business owners get tripped up. I’m not talking about the ones who use shady business practices. Those people almost always get caught and almost always end up with their businesses biting the dust. I’m talking about the squeaky clean business owners who do stupid things.
What kind of stupid things?
Oh, like getting into a war of words with somebody who is attacking them. I myself have fallen into this trap. You cannot win when you lower yourself down to the level of somebody who is simply a troll. You only come off looking like one yourself. And when that happens, you lose the respect of your customers and prospects.
Another stupid thing that honest home business owners do is try to take short cuts because they think they’ll get them to where they want to be sooner. Short cuts almost never work. If there was a quick way to success, somebody would turn it into a pill and bottle it. With all Romney’s hard work, he still lost. Imagine what would have happened if he tried a short cut.
In closing, if you want to have a successful home business, use your head. Think through things logically and not emotionally. Don’t let fear control you. If Mitt Romney was afraid, he would have never had a chance. Research everything. Make sure you understand the market you’re going after. If Mitt Romney didn’t know what the voters wanted, he would have done even worse than he did.
Finally, understand that you can do EVERYTHING right and still lose.
Ask Mitt Romney and he’ll confirm that.
To YOUR Success,
Steven Wagenheim

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